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Robert Llewellyn

Rob Llewellyn has been involved in the field of Fire safety engineering and security for the past thirty years.

During this time he has been involved in many activities which have involved a variety of methods which incorporated the more traditional approaches, although practicing Risk Management and the Fire Safety Systems approach.

Whilst employed by Telecom Australia/Post Master Generals Department, (1977 - 1994) he was responsible nationally, for all aspects of Fire Safety/Prevention/Mitigation in or involving Telecom / PMG premises.

He has extensive experience in Australian Standards and has made significant contributions to many committees over a number of years.



Some key achievements are :

Managing and developing the nationally recognized Competency Standards covering Fire Emergency Response and Portable Fire Equipment Servicing.

Managing the development of the Department of Human Services (Victoria) Fire and Emergency Evacuation Training Framework.

Participating in the development of the Department of Human Services (Victoria) Fire Risk Management Guidelines.

Carrying out fire risk assessments at various Department of Human Services (Victoria) facilities including essential service audits, reviewing emergency procedures and developing cost effective solutions for interim works.

Preparing Fire and Emergency Response policies and procedures for various facilities properties.

Establishing a security function for the Port of Melbourne Authority later taken over by Skilled Maritime Services.

Developing major fire safety upgrade requirements for Kew Residential Services covering sprinkler provisions, compartmentation, fire and smoke control, specifications and commissioning procedures.

Contributing to many changes to Australian Standards covering the fire industry.