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International Fire Protection Pty Ltd is an Australia wide company with International affiliations and clients. We offer planners, architects, engineers, designers, builders and regulators, timely and comprehensive solutions to the challenges posed by public safety and fire issues in commercial, residential and public buildings.

We provide a comprehensive, independent and professional fire safety consultancy service, built upon a blend of practical experience and technical expertise.

We cover all aspects of fire safety and emergency management, covering Federal and State legislation and regulations, relevant Australian Standards and applicable codes of practice.

We provide cost-effective solutions that are accepted by building regulators, thus allowing increased flexibility in building design that can deliver cost or operational benefits over the prescriptive Building Code regulations.

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Primary Services

Our primary service focus is:
Planning procedures for handling unwanted emergencies at both the local and enterprise levels.

We have expertise in a wide range of consulting , particularly:


Health care facilities


Education complexes


Office buildings


Shopping complexes


Sports and entertainment facilities


Hotels and apartments


Tunnel infrastructure

We have the professionalism, technical knowledge and ability to carry out the work for you. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss with you further our range of services.

Our wide ranging expertise encompasses:


Fire safety engineering


Evacuation strategies


Structural fire protection


Management procedures


Fire risk assessment


Fire investigation