About Us.

Having commenced operations in 1994. IFP has a proven track record of success in satisfying complex issues covering regulations, standards, safety and “in-use” management activities.

We are dedicated to technical excellence and high levels of service. Our clients are provided with a variety of fire protection and building code consulting services, covering code consultation to on-site evaluation, design and implementation of fire and life safety initiatives, fire protection systems, and documentation.



Holistic Approach

As a dynamic consultancy we are committed to our clients’ success. Our consulting approach is based on the application of key principles, which optimises outcomes for our clients on their specific project. Our holistic approach to the key issues of fire and life safety and property protection has identified the elements that must work together; fire safety engineering, fire protection and fire risk management .

They must link together effectively and in harmony to provide an holistic solution and deliver to our clients the most appropriate outcomes, at both the local and enterprise levels.